Thursday, January 18, 2007


Back at new space


I promised I would be back and I am. You can now find me at

I started on a new blog as I felt like starting fresh. I will be round everyones blogs as soon as I can


Thursday, August 10, 2006


Taking Some Time Out!

Most of you have probably noticed that my blog has slowed right down in the last month or so. I am working on a lot of things just now and this has taken a back seat to everything. Until I can spend more time here I am going to take some time out. One of the things I plan on learning to do is basic web design, so you never know you might have something nice to look at when I come back. I will try to keep up to date with everyone as I still love reading all your blogs. If anyone wants to keep in touch I will happily give my email address. Thanks for all your lovely comments and thanks for continuing to visit. I promise I will be back!

Monday, July 31, 2006


Still Stitching...just!

My stitching has sort of taken a back seat to everything else just now. I've not completely given up on it and I do still enjoy it. It's just the rest is grabbing my attention more. This is Archie in the bath and he is in the second square of the afghan. As you can see he is a long way from finished. I have been working on him for a while now as I only seem to pick him up every so often. I am determined to get him finished this week though. My larger stitching projects haven't been picked up in some time. I've decided to not worry about it. I am sure I will pick them up again when the mood takes me.

I mentioned Danny Gregory's blog a while back. I finally decided to pick up one of his books and I am glad that I did. "Creative License" is intended to encourage everyone to delve into their artistic side (no matter how untalanted you think you might be) and begin your own journal. One of the reasons that I like this book is that it isn't a simple drawing instruction book. Danny goes into why he likes to journal and his own experiences. He also uses examples from his own journals (some I recognised from his website). Then there are examples of others who keep illustrated journals. If you are interested in starting up your own illustrated journal and want some inspiration then I highly recommend this book.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Illustration Friday

There is a site called "Illistration Friday". Every Friday they post a topic for everyone to illustrate. Some of the things that people come up with are amazing. Honestly, you should have a look. I decided it would be fun to give it a go since I have taken to picking up a paintbrush. That doesn't mean I will take part every week. The topic posted last Friday was opposite and this is what I came up with. It could mean many things such as the fact that deep down we all have a dark side. It is also a self potrait so it could also represent the sides of me that others see. For instance I keep my work life and the time I spend on my blog and with my crafts very much separate. Not even my family know about my blog.

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who commented on my sunflower design. I really wasn't expecting that good a reaction. So thank you for all your lovely comments. It only encourages me to try my hand at more.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Sunflower Design Complete!

I did the last few final touches last night. I actually started designing this at the start of the month. This time I had a clear image of what I wanted to do. I wanted to make a pot pourri sachet with the sunflower at the centre. I had printed off some images of sunflowers for inspiration. I then drew a rough sunflower of paper before converting it onto square paper. The beads were done first as I wasn't sure if I would want to change the petals as I was stitching. Nothing more awkward than stitching around beads. The border I sort of made up as I went along. I already sort of new what I wanted to do for that. I mainly had to concentrating on makeing sure that the sunflower fitted in the centre of it. After that it was just a matter of sewing it all together and adding some yellow ribbon.

This time quite a few people joined in and stitched a sunflower design. You can see most of them on San's forum. Lili also stitched a sweet design although you can only see it on her blog for the moment (along with her dragons). I think that next month we are doing bees. Please feel free to join in. As well as stitching your own you also have the fun of seeing the different designs that other people come up with or chose to stitch.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Computer Issues!!!

My computer is finally up and running which basically explains why I haven't been around. Despite that I really haven't been up to much. I blame the heat!

I am still messing about with paints and journaling. I also finished the sunflower challenge which I will post tomorrow (with any luck). I've done a little reading. I went to see Superman Returns. Other than that I haven't done much of anything.

This is really just a quick blog to let everyone know that I am still alive. I promise to write more soon. I promise also to visit everyone's blogs soon. I just want to thank you all for your sweet messages on my new journal. Since I live with an artist I really don't see myself as being artistic but thank you all anyway.

Friday, July 14, 2006


More Journaling!

I decided to post an image of one of my journal pages after all. As you can see I have no real artistic talent but I enjoyed doing them. Also what you see represents the kind of day I had or at least the part of the day that stood out the most. I am having lots of fun with using paint. I haven't used paint since I was at school and this is my first attempt at using Acrylic paint. I love painting large blocks of colour and I love the smell and feel of it too. I could quite happily have spent most of my time just painting pages of the diary in different colours. I haven't posted this on 1001 Journals yet as I want to wait until I have at least a few weeks worth of images to chose from.

An excellent blog on journaling is by Danny Gregory. He has kept an illustrated journal for years and shares his experiences, knowledge and inspirations. There is lots of things to look at in there and it would take a while to go through it all. He has published a few of his journals and a book on creativity. You can also find links to other journal keepers in there. He also has an on line community where others can share their journal experiences and images. Yahoo is down otherwise I would link this group. They also have a flickr account to show some of their images. Worth taking a look. Each week there is also a challenge for people to take part in.

I haven't just been doing this. I have been working on something else too. I don't want to mention it here as I don't want to jinx it. For the moment my part is done and all I can do now is wait. I promise to reveal all when I can but it might be a month or so before I can do that.

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