Thursday, September 25, 2003

Thought I would start this up in the hope that it would encourage me to do more writing. I have lots of ideas, it's just finding the time. I should really make the time so hopefully this will make me do that.

I'm also using this to keep myself inspired with my cross stitching. Working on a converted photo chart of my mum and dad on their wedding day. Have been put off it for a while. Started work on the skin parts and it made my mum look as though she had a bad skin condition. I picked it up for the first time in a while this week and have almost finished my mums face. Now that I have added most of the other colours it actually looks a lot better. Whether or not I will get it finished in time is another story.

Reading book two of Otherland by Tad Williams. I've almost finished it and so far really enjoying it.

Will do some writing tomorrow. Promise.

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