Thursday, November 20, 2003

Did more of Celtic Christmas today as it is a SAL day. I love the colours. Still can't tell what it is but that will take time. I can see it but then I can't stop looking at the picture of the original design. Plan to put all of my stitching on hold over the weekend for a special project. Friend in the work uses a bus ticket as a book mark. She liked the one I was using (stitched by my mum) so I thought I would stitch one for her. I'm going to try one of the black work designs from the book I bought a while ago.

Still reading Amber Spyglass and still enjoying it. I'm going to do a book review of the trilogy for the book club. Still not sure what to read next. Tempted to buy the 13 1/2 lives of Captain Blue Bear. Quite a few people have been raving about it in work and I have to admit that it does look good.

Have a few ideas running through my head over what I will be writing over the weekend.

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