Sunday, November 23, 2003

I finished the bookmark for my friend. I'm actually proud of the way it turned out. I took part of the border from a blackwork book and stitched two rows of it. I then did a gold border and frayed the edges. I hope she likes it. I have also sent week 2s update of Celtic Christmas and have started a WIP album on my photo page so that I can post them there too.

Hopefully that link will work, not very good when it comes to things like this. With that done yesterday I can spend today concentrating on my writing. I'm going to look out chapter one of the new Pegasus story and do some work on it. I had already started chapter two but I think chapter one could use some improving. I will maybe look out the Dr Who story too and do some work on that.

Finished The Amber Spyglass yesterday. It was very good although the ending was a little sad. I have been left wanting more and can't help but hope that there will be more stories with Lyra. I know he has written Lyra's Oxford but it is a small book of short stories (although it does have a cool pull out map and lots of diagrams). I am planning to do a book review of that today and will post it on the book discussion group. I bought the fifth Stephen King book in the Dark Tower series yesterday. I plan to start that as Decembers horror discussion. I have forgotten most of the others because it has been so long since I read them I will have to read snippets on them from the site. Hopefully that will jog my memory. Still not sure what to read until then.

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