Wednesday, November 19, 2003

No, I didn't do any writing at the weekend. I'm actually a little disappointed with myself over this. I basically slept the whole weekend. I didn't have time to do half the things I planned. I guess that's what doing overtime on top of full time hours does for you. Thankfully I am back to normal hours this week. I plan to do a little Christmas shopping on Saturday, come home and then do some writing.

My stitching is going well. Hopefully this week I will have the border for Mickey finished and I can make a start on the backstitch. I also posted my first update for Celtic Christmas. You can't actually tell what it is unless you know the design. It will take a while to get there. Thinking of saving the weekly pictures to my album as well as the SAL page.

Reading Amber Spyglass which is the last book in His Dark Materials trilogy. It is very good. Definitely not just for kids. If you want to read something a little bit different to Harry Potter and a lot more complex then read this.

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