Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I finished the Christmas card for my mum and dad. I have to admit that I am quite proud of the way it turned out. I also started a valentines card for the boyf. Normally we have a competition to see who can get each other the funniest card. My card at Christmas won so this time I thought I would let him win it and stitch him a nice card. I finished it this morning and posted it on my webshots page along with the Christmas card for my mum and dad.

I have sent everyone their instructions for the round robin and now they can get started. I was waiting for one person to get in touch with me but she is no longer able to take part due to family illness. It just means that the rest of us will stitch something in our last box. I thought that was better than giving up on it. I have chosen a theme. I decided on Christmas simply because I don't have enough charts of dragons. At least none small enough to fit in the boxes. I have since chosen which one I am going to stitch in the first box and I have written in the diary. Looks like I will be organised before I have to pass everything on in two months.

Still reading Michael Moore. Very funny but also scary. I will finish the book tonight.

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