Tuesday, January 20, 2004

oooh, it has been a while again.

I didn't do much writing because I have been obsessed with reading Gone With The Wind. However, I finished it on Saturday night and yesterday I finished chapter 2 of my Star Trek story. I know where I am going with the next few chapters so hopefully that is me back in the swing. I will have to do some research eventually though. I am going to have to do some research in mining. I know about some of the illnesses caused by it thanks to a course I did a few years ago. However, I couldn't tell you much about mining itself. I just need this research for the little details. I haven't touched my Pern story since I wrote down the bits and pieces a while ago. I don't think I will turn it into anything big especially since the author doesn't like fanfiction based on her work.

Gone With The Wind was amazing. I know that I found it a little dull at first but last week I couldn't even put it down. I did write a whole criticism of it in my diary. I couldn't help myself. The story was stuck in my head and it was the only way I could get it out. It was basically all on Scarlett and how she is seen as a heroine who highlights women's rights. I didn't see that way. She wasn't fighting for women's rights. She was fighting for her own selfish needs and didn't care who got hurt in the process. She just wants pretty clothes and to be rich enough so that she doesn't have to bother with anyone she doesn't like. If she had a man who was rich she wouldn't have went out and did the things she did. I confess that I did cry when Melly died and that by the end of the book I thought Scarlett was a more likeable character and I hoped that everything would work out for her. It's frustrating that it ends the way it does. That was the whole point though. The reader was supposed to imagine what happened next. Still it would have been nice to know what the author thought.

I am now reading Stupid White Men by Michael Moore. I'm only a few pages into it and already I am extremely shocked. I must have had my head in the sand a few years ago during the elections. I mean I had heard a few rumours but because it was America I didn't pay that much attention.

Stitching is going well. I have sent updates of Celtic Christmas to the SAL page but so far none of them have been updated. I have saved them on my webshots page anyway so it doesn't really matter. I am doing really well with it. I am onto the difficult part of her dress and I seem to be making quick progress. She is just so easy to stitch. I have almost finished the Christmas card for my mum and dad. I just have the scarf of the little bear to finish and then the snow before I move onto the outline. It isn't much and I should have it finished by the end of the month. I also finished the second bookmark for the exchange group. I did an art deco rose design. My mum really liked it so I have promised to make one for her too but in red rather than purple. I sent out the first bookmark and it has been well received. There isn't going to be a charity stitch anymore. The person who runs it has been ill and she has decided to stop it so that it won't affect her illness. She has offered the site to anyone else who wishes to run it but so far no one seems interested.

I am organising a round robin which should start next month. I will tell you more about that then.

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