Sunday, February 29, 2004

The boyfriend and I have always said oh wouldn't it be great to try living in another country. Now we are seriously thinking about moving to Canada. He made it sound so easy that I am all for it. His kind of work means that it will be easy for him to find a job in almost every country. He is going to look into it as soon as he graduates although he might be required to have a few years experience first but that will just give us time to get ourselves organised. Sure we will miss our friends and families but that's what the internet is for. And we would still come home every now and then. Plus I would drag my sisters ass over there for holidays

I'm off for two weeks . I love my job but I need a rest. Today I am meeting a friend for coffee. I have said no shopping but what is the chances of that happening. I'll be able to give her the book too.

I'm also going to Edinburgh at some point with my sister. She wants to go and see a few exhibitions and then I'll take her out to lunch.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Okay so it has been just over a month. The reason is that I am fed up. I want to host my own blog. I want to be able to add my own pictures and links. I want to design what the layout will look like. And stupid me has been fretting about this and not doing anything about it. The reason is, I don't know how too. Compared to most people who use the internet I am far from computer literate. Again stupid me hasn't been doing anything about this. So I am going to have to learn. I love learning but computers have always been a little dull for me. I love the internet but learning how to use programmes bored me to tears. Now that I have something I want to achieve at the end of it then maybe it will be different this time. I have a goal. Also I am learning myself rather than having to listen to a teacher I don't particularly like (and who quite frankly scared the hell out of me). I have two weeks off work after today. This computer has a web design tutorial so I will look at that. I will also get a book to help (yes another excuse to by a book).

I went to see cats a few weeks ago. I've never seen this one before and I didn't even have any ideas what it was going to be like. It was amazing, I loved it. I am not a cat fan in general. In fact I think cats are just plain evil and out to take over the world (sorry to any cat lovers out there). I love animals and I love big cats just not the domesticated kind. They look too much like they are planning something. Anyways as I said I loved it. I was doing a little search on Amazon to get prices on DVD's and discovered that it is actually based on a book of poems by TS Eliot. I found a copy of the book and bought it for my friend who went with me to see the show. It's a lovely illustrated book so I am sure she will like it.

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