Saturday, February 28, 2004

Okay so it has been just over a month. The reason is that I am fed up. I want to host my own blog. I want to be able to add my own pictures and links. I want to design what the layout will look like. And stupid me has been fretting about this and not doing anything about it. The reason is, I don't know how too. Compared to most people who use the internet I am far from computer literate. Again stupid me hasn't been doing anything about this. So I am going to have to learn. I love learning but computers have always been a little dull for me. I love the internet but learning how to use programmes bored me to tears. Now that I have something I want to achieve at the end of it then maybe it will be different this time. I have a goal. Also I am learning myself rather than having to listen to a teacher I don't particularly like (and who quite frankly scared the hell out of me). I have two weeks off work after today. This computer has a web design tutorial so I will look at that. I will also get a book to help (yes another excuse to by a book).

I went to see cats a few weeks ago. I've never seen this one before and I didn't even have any ideas what it was going to be like. It was amazing, I loved it. I am not a cat fan in general. In fact I think cats are just plain evil and out to take over the world (sorry to any cat lovers out there). I love animals and I love big cats just not the domesticated kind. They look too much like they are planning something. Anyways as I said I loved it. I was doing a little search on Amazon to get prices on DVD's and discovered that it is actually based on a book of poems by TS Eliot. I found a copy of the book and bought it for my friend who went with me to see the show. It's a lovely illustrated book so I am sure she will like it.

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