Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I am so annoyed. This round robin thing was going well and three out of five of us had passed our pieces on and the first deadline isn't for another week. One person who received one of the pieces turns out wondered why. She hadn't gotten any of the emails. She knew one was being organised but hadn't heard anything. I double checked. I definitely sent her the email and I didn't get any notification to say that it had failed. I suppose these things happen but I also left massages on the group. Surely she read them? She would have wondered why she didn't get these emails and could have contacted me. I've sent her the email again. She now has just over a week to sort out her fabric, chose a theme, stitch in her first box, write in her journal, paste in some charts and then pass it on. I don't see her managing it and I have the awful feeling that she is going to turn round and say that she doesn't want to do it anymore. It will spoil it for everyone but I can't force her to do it. Why didn't she email me. I can only hope that the worst thing that will happen is that she will ask for a little extra time. That I could handle.

I'm back at work after two weeks off and it was surprising how much I missed it and how much I am glad to be back. My section is a mess but that was to be expected. I think I am at my best when I have a lot of organising to do.

I am now reading The Crystal Singer by Anne McCaffrey and it is very good. I thought maybe I would think that it just isn't the same as the Pern books. While it isn't it is still just as good. I wish I had that kind of talent (to write not crystal sing, lol)

Cross stitching is going very well. I don't have much left to stitch before I move onto the border. I imagine that will take a while since it involves a lot of bead work.

This actually seems all petty compared to the things that have been happening this past week. The bombings in Spain put everything in perspective. My thoughts go out to all the victims and their families. The scary thing is, this is what it is going to be like now. Terrorist bombings and scares. Sure they have happened in the past but the scale is growing and it seems to be more frequent. You can't help but have a pessimistic view of the world after things like this.

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