Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I got an email from the manager later. Explaining that he was unable to keep up management of the group but that after the summer he may consider starting a new one. This one would be much smaller and would concern only books and authors although there would be a general page too. I've emailed him to keep me in mind if he does. He had only emailed a few of us who were regular on the group and I'm pretty chuffed that he thought to include me.

In saying that I now have this little void. I loved the book discussions. While I have been trying to look for a new one, non of them match up to that one. I may just hold off joining another one and hope that the manager starts up a new one later. It keeps crossing my mind that I should start up my own but I really don't have the time. I wish I did.

Studied my French yesterday and did some more writing. I realised that there is something missing from my fantasy story. While it won't make any difference to the first book and possibly the second one. It will affect the third one. I don't want to start writing properly until I have that worked out.

I have also been considering doing drawings of my characters. My drawing skills are somewhat lacking. I haven't practiced since leaving school. While I was encouraged to continue with art and told I could be good at it I had concentrated on music instead at the time. I think I could pick up those skills again though. I have ordered a learn to draw fantasy book. And I hope to order a learn to draw people book. I know my sister would kill me if she knew (Very much the artist and very much against instructional books). Anyway, there were a few other instructional books on different subjects that I have been thinking about getting but I had to remind myself that I can only concentrate on a few things at once.

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