Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I was writing in my paper journal about what a good mood I am in and I couldn't not write it here too. I just feel so energised this morning because I got so much done. That and I know what I am doing. This morning I studied some French. I then did some writing and I wrote out a couple of book reviews.

the French I'm a little rusty with to be honest but I am optimistic that if I keep up the studying I'll get there in time for my course starting in 9 months. I have something to aim for so I am not put off by it. I have my French CD's which I will tape onto mini disc and listen to on the bus into work. I bought a French teaching book which I have been studying from and I plan to get through a chapter a wee. I am going to spend most of my days off on it. I am eventually going to by an untranslated French book so that I can practice my reading. I am hoping to eventually get a French penpal so that I can practice my writing. This will be in the future though as I'm nowhere near good enough yet to do this. I have ordered the books recommended for the French course. The following month I am going to do the same for Spanish. I don't need to go as mad with the Spanish as it is for beginners. But still I would like to have some knowledge before I start.

As I said I did some writing this morning and I am pleased with the way my notes are going. I have moved notebooks so that this story has it's own one. Today I did some character backgrounds to my main characters. From this alone I have managed to come up with an idea for a possible prelude. I think that sticking with the note taking was one of the best ideas I've had. I can really see my characters. The more notes I write on them the clearer they become. I could actually have spent all day writing my notes. I really didn't want to stop. It really doesn't take much to get it flowing.

Only one thing has annoyed me today and that is something that is out of my control. The round robin is beginning to get on my nerves. One of the participants still hasn't sent hers on and has said it will take another few weeks. The person who is to receive it has been asking what is going on even though I have emailed her about it and it is obvious who was to send to her from the address list. Anyway, I think I'm just being easily irritated by this. These are nice people and postponing it for a month won't be any hassle.

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