Thursday, April 29, 2004

The links group really is gone. No more book discussions. The manager has now deleted it. It's so sad. It really does feel like there is something missing. I can no longer get a hold of anyone from the group (well I could contact the manager). I bought a book yesterday that we was up for discussion before Christmas. I couldn't get a hold of a copy at the time. I've decided to do my own review on it and hang on to it incase another group does start up. I really hope so.

On the bright side I did get an email from a friend who moved to Australia. She moved over there a wee while ago and it was a surprise to hear from her again. I'm going to wait until I can sit down and write a proper reply. I'll print out her message though and put it on the notice board so that others can read it.

Another good thing is that I am possibly moving departments in work. I took a fit over mine and asked. At first I was told no but I've since been told it is under consideration. Not because of me just because we are bringing in new staff too so they want to get that sorted before they move other staff.

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