Saturday, May 01, 2004

I just finished my fourth Douglas Coupland book and again I loved it. This one was "Miss Wyoming". I don't really know how to explain why I like them so much. I think maybe it is partly to do with the characters. The books aren't really that long and are very easy to read. Yet the characters always seem to have so much depth. I did enjoy "Miss Wyoming" but my favourite is still "Hey Nostradamus". I was tempted to buy more of his books but I put it off. I will put "Psychotic Family" aside to buy next month. I am now going to start "Vernon God Little" by DBC Pierre which won the booker prize 2003. I've heard different things about this one but hopefully I'll enjoy it.

Was at a works night out last night. So many people are leaving just now. It isn't going to be the same. I still love my job though. I had a good time although I didn't stay long. I have been so tired recently that I haven't been able to do much but read. I think it is because I have stayed up late a few nights to finish a book and haven't allowed myself to catch up on my sleep.

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