Tuesday, May 25, 2004

My boyfriend is thinking of buying a guitar. It would be something we could both learn together. I've always wanted to play the guitar and we really need something else we can do together. Just watching DVD's all the time can't be good for us. Mind you I am usually stitching at the same time (something that drives him up the wall).

I've decided to continue reading "Ombria In Shadow" by Patricia McKillip at home and take "Tales of the Earthsea" by Ursula LeGuin into work with me to read. This is just because I love the cover of the McKillip book and I don't want it to get damaged.

I bought the new wildlife magazine and so far it looks pretty good. There is a good article about sharks and another about aardvarks. The only problem is that it lists a lot of good books in the back. It is so tempting to want to buy them all. Mind you my collection of nature books is very small so maybe I should buil up on it (any excuse).

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