Monday, June 14, 2004

I finished two cards and I'm sending them off to my friend for her charity sale. I know two isn't much but I kind of left it to the last minute. There is another sale in September for the same charity so I will send more then. I mad a start on "The Castle" by Teresa Wentzler. I've decided to do this one the same way as a friend of mine. I don't start another colour until I have completely finished the first one. My first progress photo is after the first colour. You can sort of see the outline of the castle.

Last night I watched "Big Fish" and very much enjoyed it. I would love to read the book as the film was very moving. Not at all what I expected. I might even buy the DVD eventually. I might be going to the cinema with some friends from work this week. I can't remember the name of the film but it is one I have been wanting to see.

Still reading "A Prayer For Owen Meany". I am enjoying it very much and was hooked form the start. A friend who has read it before said it was slow starting but well worth sticking with. I haven't found it difficult to get into at all. Despite this I haven't had much time for reading over the weekend so I have barely made a dent in it.

Having lunch with my best friend today. I haven't seen her in ages. Usually one of us has been working while the other has been off. I miss her and it will be good to catch up.

One more thing I almost forgot to say, I have inspiration for my fanfic and so may actually do some writing tonight.

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