Monday, June 21, 2004

I have the house to myself this afternoon so I plan to get a lot done.

I am going to do some studying and some reading. I have slowed right down on my reading. Normally I would have finished "A Prayer For Owen Meany" long before now but I have been too busy concentrating on the romance novels. I think I am over that phase now and I can get back to my reading. I have also spent little time on the US history book but I will get back into that too. I have put aside a book for myself "The American West" by Dee Brown which I am looking forward to reading (same author as "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee").

I have spent quite a lot of time on my stitching and am just about to start on the fourth shade in The Castle . I can really see the shape of the castle now. I will work on some more of it tonight. I have ordered another chart of a dragon design called Water Dragon by Janlyn. I am looking forward to having that one sent through.

I have my paper journal to catch up too. I have been as attentive to it as I usually am. Lets just hope that I get even some of this done.

Yesterday was a good day off. My sister and I went for a walk during the day which was lovely. Then at night the boyfriend and I watched Scary Movie 3 (wasn't really expecting it to be any good but it was one of those films that I had to see).

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