Monday, June 07, 2004

Last night I went to see the new Harry Potter movie. To be honest I found it very disappointing. This one was my favourite book in the series and I just don't think they did it justice. While I understand that not everything can go into a film I think they left out far too much. There were so many things that I thought was important that wasn't in it. Overall I still enjoyed the film but as I said I was a little disappointed. I also noticed some huge differences in some of the scenes compared to the first two movies. They also changed the music. One thing it has done though is tempt me to read the books all over again.

I finished Celtic Christmas . I spent all day on it after seeing how little I had left to do. That of course means I didn't work on anything else despite my good intentions. Now I am going to work on the cards I promised one of the msn members I would do. She has asked everyone to stitch cards for the pink campaign. They are due at the end of this month so I will do those and then begin work on my next large project.

I watched two films today that I had never seen before. "Casablanca" and "Rosemary's Baby." I thoroughly enjoyed Casablanca and think I will have to add it to my DVD collection. Not sure what to think of Rosemary's Baby though. It was a good film but a bit freaky. I can see why a friend of mine can't watch it. If it had been me I know I would have given Guy a square kicking and not just spit in his face.

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