Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Busy Day

I didn't really have that busy a day I just managed to get into a few things. First of all my fanfic writing is going well. I am hoping that in a few weeks I will actually be able to post something on the fanfiction website. I'm surprised by it because the character I am writing about was never a favourite of my mine. Yet I feel as though I have gotten into her head.

I didn't do much cross stitch because of the card making. I did manage to get a little more of the dragon done but not enough to make a photo update worthwhile. Hopefully I will get more of it done this week. I did make a start on another one. This time a little Christmas kit for myself. This one was bought at the first fair that I went to so thought that it was about time that I got started on it.

Yesterday I watched another Doctor Who DVD.  "The Seeds of Death". I missed out "The Tomb of the Cybermen" because I had already watched that one the week before. Both of these are also favourites of mine. I love the second Doctor because of his humour. He is such a funny little character. The Tomb of the Cybermen is a good one because it is an early cyberman story. While the cybermen look funny compared to the later versions there is also something creepier about them. The Seed of Death is a favourite because it is an early Ice Warrior story. When I first saw it I like the futuristic feel of the Earth.

I also got quite a bit of "War and Peace" read. Very much getting into the story. I am enjoying it more now that it I am at a part during peace time. I think that the war scenes may have been one of the reasons I put it down for a while. I like the social parts of the story. The war sections were good. I think it was just that I didn't like the way the war changed a few of the character, I didn't like what they became.

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