Tuesday, July 06, 2004

For the last hour I have been writing out my thoughts. Not sure if I am doing it the correct way but I think these things are very individual. I came away with pages of paper scrawled over. Most of them seem to be filled with questions. I probably could have sat all day writing. So I take back the belief that you can't spend three months just doing this. I would recommend it. It's a great way to express yourself more than anything else. And yes it is different from keeping a journal. I still intend to keep mine while I do this. I still intend to keep up my other interests too. I won't be stopping my life to write down my thoughts. I think some lines need to be drawn for this otherwise you could end up ignoring your friends and family and responsibilities. As much as it sounds good I don't think anyone should shut themselves away from the world for three months. Some of us can't afford to.

I did do some writing to and I do intend to begin the first draft of my story in the next week. I may write some notes on some of the new characters I have brought into it in between then.

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