Saturday, July 31, 2004


Great Expectations and another card

My sisters birthday is a good few months away. However, when she saw the care bear stamps she requested which one she wanted (it was really more of a demand, lol). Since she wasn't going to be in last night I decided to make a start on it. I had everything I needed there and I had a few ideas. I am really pleased with the end result. I hope she likes it! I also made two Christmas cards but to be honest I really don't like the way they turned out. I'm not sure if maybe it is the stamp or if it is the shape of the cards but I really don't like them.

I am still reading "Great Expectations" and very much enjoying it (although I really didn't think that I wouldn't). I have saw both film adaptions and the original will always be my favourite. Maybe it is because of this that the book seems so familiar. Obviously I know what is going to happen but there were certain parts in the book that I was convinced I had read before. Whole passages which I remember seeing as text and not as part of the film. I know I haven't read this one though as I kept putting it off for others because I had seen the film.

I'm glad I picked it up now though. I think I am enjoying this one more than I enjoyed "Bleak House" (and I loved "Bleak House"). I find myself caught up in the story. My heart breaks for poor Joe and every time he enters the book I can't tear myself away from it. I think for anyone who wants to have a go at the classics they should read this one. Or for anyone who hasn't really enjoyed the classics they should also try this one. It is easier to read than some and such a brilliant story. Tempted to ignore the big pile of books I have sitting there and go out and get the other Dickens novels I haven't yet read.

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