Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Peter Straub book has been good so far. Just little things that have been annoying me about it. Like in what was supposed to be a journal entry the main character seemed to know too many details about his brother in one particular moment. Yes, his brother could have told him all these things but his brother is in no way being portrayed as that type of character. Other than that I am enjoying it.

I am also reading "Artemis Fowl" by Eoin Colfer. A children's book about a 12 year old criminal who tries to capture a fairie to get at the fairy gold. However, Artemis doesn't realise he has captured one of their police LEPrecon. It's very funny and I would recommend it to any kid or any adult who loves kids books. In a way it puts me in mind of Terry Pratchett. But only slightly as it definitely has its own style.

Did more stitching and I have another update for you of The Castle.
I am now moving on to stitching the dragon and have finished the actual castle. I hope to get more done this week as I have the week off.

I got out my writing again yesterday. I decided to expand my notes and go into more detail on my characters. I've also got more ideas for other characters which I am going to begin taking notes for. I'm not sure how they will fit in yet but I will take the notes anyway. They might come into another story.

Shrek 2 was very funny. I would love to go and see it again. I think the first one was better but not by much. It was a very good sequel.

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