Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Yet another busy day

Managed to get quite a bit done before work yesterday. I wrote quite a long letter to one of my penpal and posted it out. I also wrote chapter two of my fanfic story. I am quite excited about this one. I don't think it has been done before and I am curious to see what people will think of it. I think that next week I will do the drafts of those first two chapters and then post them on the fanfic sight. Hopefully I will get some reviews.

I also managed to get in a little stitching. Work was busy too. I had information sheets to make up on a new range we got in and then I had to organise the range. Hopefully it will make it easier when it comes to putting the stock out and talking to customers about it.

I have also finished another Acorna book. Still not impressed by this Anne McCaffrey series. It hasn't put me off though and I am looking forward to reading her Rowan series. I am now reading "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens. Very much enjoying it but then it is Dickens and I didn't think that I wouldn't

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