Tuesday, August 31, 2004


See you in two weeks

I had so many things to blog about but over the past few days the computer has been playing up. This means that I haven't been able to do any of the things that I wanted to do before I left for my holiday. I'm actually rushing this blog just now as I have 101 things still to do. I wasn't able to finish that chapter I wanted or start the next one. All this will have to wait until I come back. There were a few people I wanted to contact before I left too but unfortunately I can't do that either.

Well, I'll see you in two weeks (can't believe I fly out tomorrow).

Monday, August 30, 2004


The Village

We went to see this last night and it was good. Another brilliant film by M Night Shyamalan. I think the twist in this one was a little obvious though. I kind of guessed most of it half way through the film as did my boyfriend. I think we can thank one of his friends girlfriends for that who told gave away part of it. Very annoying! But hey, maybe we would have got it anyway without the extra help. It wasn't his best film I think my favourite is still "Signs". I also don't think it was very original. The storyline seemed so familiar to me but I just can't place it. I did like Joaquin Phoenix and I just wish there was more of him in it. The actress who played the blind girl was very good though. Like his other films it does have some subtle humour. I would definitely recommend it.

Saturday, August 28, 2004



I finished reading another Douglas Coupland book. This one was called "Shampoo Planet" which I very much enjoyed. It has the same style to all his other books. It seems his books deal with stereotypes but he develops the characters so that they eventually become non stereotypical. I loaned "All Families Are Psychotic" to my boyfriend and he hated it. He said that he could see why people would enjoy it but it was too much like "Catcher in the Rye" (a book we both hate). He said the story didn't seem to go anywhere. How can anyone not like his books? I can see where he is coming from though and Coupland has been described as a modern day JD Salinger. But still, I fall in love with his characters which is why I enjoy his books so much. He has a new book out "Eleanor Rigby" which I am tempted to buy in the hardback. I might wait and get it in America.

I am now reading "Shadowmancer" by GP Taylor and I am not impressed by it at all. I knew that it would have some religion in it but it is to 'in your face'. There was an Adam and Eve mention in it and it almost made me put the book down. I think the religion almost takes over the story and destroys what was actually a brilliant idea with a lot of potential. A lot of friends in work were put off by the same things too. I find it hard to see why it is so popular when the Narnia books are heavily criticised for it's Christian content. I will persevere with it though as it is a quick read. I will probably still read "Wormwood" by the same author as I have heard that it is very good. I also treated myself to a new book called "Dragon Rider" by Cornelia Funke. I fell in love the book when I saw it. It has a beautiful cover and in the centre there is a pop up map.



I saw a design for a card that I think I am going to try out. It's a little different from the usual cards. It is made almost like you would make a cube but take away one of the sides. You fold all the sides into the centre and then tie it together with ribon. The receiver opens it unfolds the flaps to find a little pocket on the centre with a little tag inside it. The tag holds your message. The whole thing is decorated using a theme. The one I saw was dragonflies but I think you could pretty much use anything. My sister gave me two beautiful stamps. One is a frog and one is a hedgehog. I think I am going to use them to make some cards. Will have to invest in some ribbon though (what a shame, I LOVE ribbon).

I got the next part of the cross stitch round robin sent through. For this one the theme is angels and the stitching done so far is very beautiful. The person who owns this one has requested non-religious angels which means we can chose something a bit fun. I am looking forward to going through my cross stitch charts to see what I can come up with.

The Craft page I go to get some ideas has started up a blog. I thought that it was a great idea and will try to make a point of looking in on it. Seems to give lots of great tips.

Friday, August 27, 2004


"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to"

For some strange reason birthdays always remind me of this song. I think I can thank "Problem Child" for that.

Anyway, yes it's my birthday and I am now 25. I have lived for a quarter of a century and have nothing much to show for it. All very depressing. I kept it quiet in work (but not quiet enough since someone called it my jubilee, lol). I did get lots of nice presents though. The creme de la creme though is the Carey Grant DVD box set from my best friend.

Have been thinking of all the things I though I would have done by now (as I have done for the last few birthdays). I have now got to the stage where I have pushed it to the back of my mind. I still enjoy my life and there is no point in getting depressed over the past (easier said than done).


Olympics Update 9

Actually I don't have much to tell. I can tell you that Britain has moved down to 12th position but has won a total of 26th medals. The only won I know happened in the last few days was a bronze for the Modern Pentathlon and Georgina Harland won it. This past week I haven't paid as much attention to it. I did watch the men's Hurdles on Wednesday night. There was a lot of false starts amongst those.

To be honest my mind is now completely on my holiday.

Thursday, August 26, 2004



For the past two hours I have been trying to get on the internet and not once did I think that the problem might be just my homepage. I must have tried everything I could think of and then when I finally gave up and decided to pick up my book my sister told me to try changing my homepage. Sure enough it worked.

I wanted to do lots of updates but I am now pretty tired and just want to go to my bed after a nice long hot bath (yes, I really do know how to live it up). So there won't be an Olympics update today and I'm afraid my next chapter might be postponed further. I promise that it will be before I go away though (6 days to go).

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Writing Update

I am afraid that I am going to have to postpone chapter three until Friday or Saturday. I was hoping to have it uploaded by today but unfortunately I wasn't feeling well yesterday. I had absolutely no energy to concentrate so I didn't do any work on it as I had planned. I'm feeling a little better today but of course I have work. I will have it uploaded before I go on holiday though. I can promise that. Not sure if I will be able to have chapter four up before I go but I will have begun work on it.

I read on the BBC that there is now a search for someone to write a sequel to Peter Pan. I think the favourite is JK Rowling. These sequels to classic books seem to be becoming more popular. I read "Mrs DeWinter" by Susan Hill which was a sequel to "Rebecca". It was years ago now and at the time I did enjoy it. However, I have since been reluctant to try them. I think there are a few sequels to "Pride and Prejudice" and there is also "Scarlet" which is a sequel to "Gone With the Wind". I was tempted to read that one but I heard that it turns Scarlet into a saint which put me off. The article I read put up an interesting point. Are these literary works in their own right or is it just another form of fanfiction?


Olympics Update 8

Kelly Homes won Britain a gold medal for the 800m race. You should see the pictures of her as she realises she has won. Someone told her at the sides that she had won but then she wasn't too sure and was waiting for the replay. Everyone is so proud of her. She is going to take part in the 1500m today so we all have our fingers crossed. Dean Macey is taking part in the declathon and at the moment he is in fourth position. I watched him doing the high jump yesterday and I was in awe. This guy managed a jump that he had only done twice before and gave him 30 points. He also won the following race. You never know he might win us another medal today but if he doesn't he did very well. Britain are still in 10th place on the board with 7 gold medals and a total of 22.

The US and China are still doing amazingly well. They both have 23 gold medals. The Us has a total of 66 and China has a total of 50. The boyfriend and I were talking about this. He thinks that it is the British attitude to holding back that prevents us from getting any more medals. He might be right about that but he also doesn't see the point of getting a silver or a bronze. I pointed out that the Olympics were originally never about which country can get the most medals. It was about beating your personal best. About improving yourself. I think like many people he still thinks that it is just about winning the gold. Don't get me wrong I'm as proud as everyone else when Britain takes a gold but winning a silver or a bronze is also an achievement.

Monday, August 23, 2004


I, Robot

Last night I went to the cinema to see I, Robot. I remember when I first heard that this film was being made and some of the reports on it disgusted me. I was going to refuse to go and see the book be butchered. I also wasn't impressed with their casting. I like Will Smith but just couldn't see him in the role. I take it all back. Yes, only fragments of the book were in the film but it was still very good. Also, Will Smith was a brilliant choice for the part. He is more capable of playing serious roles than most people think (plus he is good at adding some comedy). There was also more of the book in the film than I though there would be. I would recommend it to any sci fi fan. If you are a hardcore Asimov fan then you might not enjoy it so much though.


Olympics Update 7

Britain is still the same since yesterday although has moved down to 12th position. Yesterday it was the women's marathon and Britain's Paula Radcliffe was the favourite to win it. However, she collapsed due to heat and had to be taken to a medical facility. According to the BBC website this isn't really surprising since northern Europeans aren't used to those conditions. Radcliffe is reported to be devastated. She worked so hard for this and now she feels as though she has failed. I'm sure many others like myself don't see it that way. If the reports are true then she did well to get where she was. August is one of the hottest times in Greece and she was pushing herself very hard. I watched some of it yesterday and it looked to me that everyone was suffering.

China had won another two gold medals and so has moved up to first position again.

Sunday, August 22, 2004


Craft Idea

I have been wondering for a while what to do for my mum and dad's 30th anniversary. I know it is a few years away but I thought since the 25th anniversary idea was a complete flop that I would have to think about this one. I have decided that I would make them a scrap book. I have been wanting to try scrapbooking for quite a while now. A new paper craft magazine gives details for beginners. I was thinking that at the next craft fair I would buy all the things that I would need and then collect some lovely background sheets and things from the internet. I have a rough idea of the types of pages I am going to do.


Writing Update

Chapter three of rebuilding needs more work than I thought. I have more ideas for it so it will take longer to get it onto fanfic than I initially planned. I am hoping to have it uploaded by Tuesday but it might be Thursday before it happens. I'm going to the cinema tonight otherwise I would spend more time on it today. I also hope to have chapter four updated by the following Tuesday but I can't guarantee that either. I leave for my holiday on the Wednesday and I'm working Tuesday. This means I'm going to have to fit in packing somewhere. I've also still do shopping and collect my currency. As usual I have left things to the last minute.

Anyway, I will attempt to have chapters three and four finished before I leave and then I will be back on track when I come back. I also have plans to write some more stories when I come back. I have some more Doctor Who ideas and a possible idea for a Blakes 7 story.


Olympics Update 6

I have to admit that over the last few days I haven't been paying as much attention to the Olympics as what I have been. This is just due to the way my shifts work out in work at the weekend.

What I can tell you is that Great Britain now has five gold medals and a total of 19 which puts us at 11th position. Bradley Wiggins won a gold for cycling. My boyfriend was able to watch it and he said it was unbelievable. Wiggins was almost unheard of and beat the Australian who was the favourite to win. The Gold for women's sailing is now being listed. We also won a gold for men's canoeing. This is Pinsent's fourth Olympic gold for this event. Lastly Ben Ainslie won us another gold for sailing.

As I said, I haven't paid as much attention to it these last few days. But I can tell you that both China and the US are tied with 20 gold medals each. However, the US has a total of 49 and China has a total of 43. 49 medals just seems like so much. I can't imagine how the US Olympic fans must be feeling over their team coming home with so many. The US does have a large team so I don't know if this is the norm but still!

Saturday, August 21, 2004



I am not completely obsessed by the Olympics. I didn't watch it last night and I had intended on doing some reading. However, after going over some French I fell asleep.

I am very excited about my holiday now. Just a week and a half to go. Next week I collect my currency and then I am going to do some clothes shopping. I have been constantly changing my mind about what book I am taking with me. I still haven't completely decided. I am stuck between "The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear" by Walter Moers or taking a few books but a lot smaller. This is more for on the plane and I may be more comfortable with a smaller book. I don't know, I have changed my mind about half a dozen times now and I will probably change my mind again up until I leave. I am tempted to wait until I get to the airport and buy something new but I have such a large pile of books to read I probably shouldn't.

I am still reading "Absolution Gap" by Alastair Reynolds. Very much enjoying it but this past week I haven't managed to read much of it because I have been so tired when I get home. I was reading "Arthur Rex" by Thomas Berger in work but to be honest I just found it to be a little crude. The writing is very simple and the style isn't to my taste at all. It is difficult to get to know the characters because not much time is spent on them. I have decided to give up on it at the moment (as much as I hate doing that). I will go back to it when I am more in the mood to read it.


Olympics Update 6

I am calming down on the amount of information I'm giving on this now.

The US are now at the top of the board with 40 medals in total, 17 of which are gold. Michael Phelps won his fifth gold and is up for a possible sixth today. As I said before I think this guy is amazingly talented. Watching him swim is unbelievable. The US must be very proud of him. China has moved down to second position with a total of 36 medals of which 15 are gold. Japan are also doing well with 12 gold medals.

As I said before Britain won its first gold for women's sailing. It is still not listed but maybe they haven't had their awards ceremony yet which is why it isn't listed. I certainly haven't seen any photos of them receiving their medals although them winning gold has been mentioned a few times. Also as I mentioned Chris Hoy won gold for cycling in the 1 km time trial. He is from Edinburgh and began his training at the age of 18. This seems like such a late age compared to most other sports. So it just goes to show lots of teenagers out there that it is never too late. We also won a silver for mixed Badminton doubles, men's K1 Canoe Kayak Slalom and Women's coxless pair rowing. Britain now have a total of 11 medals. I think Britain can be proud of our Olympics team. They have done very well and there is still a lot to go.

Friday, August 20, 2004


Scot wins Gold

Scot, Chris Hoy, won Gold in a cycling event!


Other than the Olympics what have I been up to?

That sounds almost as if I have been in the Olympics, but alas I am in no way sports talented. I have been reading a children's book on the Olympics called "The Flaming Olympics". I would have finished it in one sitting but I was pretty tired last night. It is good though. It explains the history of the Olympics with a lot of funny and interesting facts. I would recommend it for any kid who has shown an interest or any adult who wants to read something very lighthearted on it.

I have also been studying my French. I've been doing my that the suggested ten minutes a day. Hopefully I'll keep this up. I'm sure I will as I very much like this book. When I move on to my other books I think I will be on a roll so will want to keep on at it. I think also with the other books they do have more vocabulary so I will be kept interested. My only concern is the break when I'm on holiday. I don't fancy taking the book with me (I don't think the boyfriend will be too pleased). I just half to be will powered and get back on it as soon as I come back. I am enjoying it though.

I watched another two Doctor Who stories. "The Talons of Weng-Chiang" and "The Leisure Hive". The first one was one of the first videos of the show my parents bought. I remember it terrified me as a kid. It was just the idea of a Chinese God draining women of their energy force to live. There was also a giant rat involved which scared the wits out of me. Still it is one of the best and I think would be in my top ten. I always found it quite funny because of Leela's reaction to humans of this era. The second one is the last Tom Baker DVD I own and the only one with Romana as a companion. I always liked Romana since as a fellow Timelord she was one of the intelligent ones. Not a favourite storyline though. The megalomaniac in this one has been in quite a few British tv shows since. Every time I watch this I always have the theme tune to the comedy show "The Thin Blue Line" running through my head. I keep expecting the character to do something funny.


Gymnastics and swimming

This isn't a proper Olympics update but will give one later on. Last night after work I sat and watched quite a bit of it. I watched some of the swimming and the women's individual all round event in gymnastics. First of all the swimming. Michael Phelps definitely seems to be the star. He won more gold medals yesterday. I saw him win one race and I was amazed. The way he moved through the water was a sight to see. The commentator said he was like a machine and he wasn't exaggerating. The US must be so proud of him. Actually the US did very well yesterday and I'm not surprised that they moved to the top of the leader board yesterday. One of their gold winning swimmers lost his gold medal for about 15 minutes for an illegal move but it wasn't given back to him. If it hadn't one of our own swimmers would have won bronze. One of the commentators would not stop going on about it and it was starting to get a little irritating. Who would want to win a medal because someone was disqualified? The whole point of the Olympics is that you win on your own merits.

I loved watching the gymnastics. The favourite to win was the Russian entry, Svetlana. This was to be her last Olympic competition and she had yet to win gold. Everyone was hoping that she would go away with it. Instead she got silver and the US entry, Carly Patterson, was given gold. I thought it was well deserved. Svetlana was good but Carly astounded me. I was routing for her to win after the competition passed the half way mark. The British competitors weren't up to much at all. I wasn't impressed by them (not that I'm an expert). Britain did win one gold (although it isn't listed on the medals list yet). We won it for sailing but I'll have more details of that later hopefully.

(Again the spell check isn't working).

Thursday, August 19, 2004


Olympics Update 5

Great Britain has won four more medels, 1 silver and 3 bronze. Leselie Law won the silver for Equestrian indivual event. Alison Williamson won a bronze for women's individual archery. Helen Reeves won one for the canoe/kayak slalom, women's K1 Kayak single event. Lastly another bronze was won for the Equestrian team event. I watched a little of the events yesterday. Admittidly I didn't see any of those won by Britain but after watching it I think Britain did well just to win a bronze. The competitions looks so tough that winning any medal is a triumph. I think that Britain should be proud of everyone out there.

China is still at the top of the table but only for the number of gold medals won. If it was to go by number of medals in total the US would be at the top. China won a silver and two bronze for swimming, Judo and shooting. The US won 4 gold medals. I saw the womens team win it for the 4 X 200m freestyle relay and they were amazing. I loved the way everyone moved through the water. I think if I had a fraction of the talent that was out there I would be in the water all the time. They also won gold for shooting, cycling and gymnastics. They won another three silver and three bronze for Athletics (mens put), cycling, K1 Kayak, mens 200m breaststroke, Equastrian and cycling road. Japan moved up to third place after winning two gold in Judo, a silver in Judo and a bronze for womens 200m butterfly. Although australia moved down a place they did win a silver for the womens 200m butterfly and a gold for mens 100m freestyle.

The following countries won their first gold medals, Georgia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland and the Netherlands (who actually won their first two). This meant that the Uk moved down to position 24 but that's okay. Britain are still doing well with 6 medals. Hopefully they will win a few today and I'm sure they will win a gold eventually.

I apologise for my spelling which is atrocious but the spell check isn't working.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004



So much time has passed since I said I would get back into studying French in the hopes that I wouldn't be too rusty when I started my course. My excuse was that I was waiting until my shifts were supposed to change to earlier times. That way I could spend some time before dinner studying. I'm still waiting and it might be a long wait. A friend encouraged me to get back into it again. She has started languages herself and recommended a French book from America. It is more like a proper exercise book than some of the other ones I have. It's very basic but maybe that's what I need to get me back into it again. It also has flash cards amongst other things which makes it more appealing for a beginner. I started with it this morning. I do find it a little simple but I enjoy working with it. It shouldn't take me too long to get through it and then I can move onto my other books.

I got another review for my Rebuilding. From the same person as last time but this time for chapter 2. The points she made have been quite helpful and have actually given me some ideas. There is a phrase I used that might be known more locally than I thought and so I'm going to expand the scene to make it more easily understood.


Olympics update 4

Great Britain has won another medal. Yes it's not gold but bronze. I don't care though, they won another medal. Stephen Parry won it in Swimming for the 200m Butterfly. We are down in position to 24 now though. This is because a number of countries won their first gold medals. Congratulations to Romania who won two Gold medals for women's gymnastics and the women's 200m freestyle. Congrats to United Arab Emirates who won gold for Men's doubles in shooting, Switzerland who won gold for Men's individual fencing and South Africa who won gold in swimming for the men's 2 x 2oom freestyle.

There has been some movement at the top of the board too. China remains on top with 18 medals. Yesterday she won 2 silver medals and 1 bronze (for fencing and shooting). The US is now a definite second after winning 3 gold medals. They won it for fencing and swimming. They won 2 silver for gymnastics and swimming and a bronze for fencing. The US has a swimming star in Michael Phelps who has won them three medals so far (two gold and one bronze). Although Australia has moved down one place she did win one medal, a silver for swimming. Japan also won two medals, a gold for Judo and a silver for swimming.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Olympics Update 3

I think I will now get my information from the official Athens 2004 site. To get updates on who won which medals you just click on the link to the medals board. You can then click on each country on the board to find out what they won the medals for and the names of the people who won them. I'm a little disappointed that the BBC don't do this. It's usually a brilliant website. But then there have been talks of cutting it down to the basics because the government feels too much money is spent on it.

China has now won a total of 15 medals, 10 of which are gold. They have mostly won it for shooting, weightlifting and diving. They have also won two medals for women's Judo. Australia have won 13 medals in total, 6 of which are gold and they have mostly been for swimming and diving. The US are doing well too. They are joint second with Australia if you go by the number of medals they have won. They only have four gold though and most of their medals were won for swimming. Great Britain? Well, we haven't won anymore and we are now down at 19.

It shouldn't really surprise me that we aren't doing too well. Our team isn't that big and we do have a problem when it comes to encouraging kids to go out and do sports. I think most people see sports as something to watch. I know a lot of people who will go out and play football maybe once a week. I know very few people who take up other sports for the fun of it and I don't know anyone who will take up sports seriously (other than football). I can't talk. Although I have taken an interest in seeing how the Olympics are going I'm not a sports person. I have taken up a few sports in the past but have always given them up. Don't get me wrong I'm not talented when it comes to that and I would never make for an Olympic champion. But I can hardly criticise others for what I don't do myself.


The Castle

I have a stitching update for you. I have actually did a lot more since then. I spent most of yesterday stitching. I have now finished most of the blues and have moved onto a sort of purple colour. Once I have finished that I think I am then onto yellows. It then won't be long until I will have finished the dragon and so move onto the rocks. The rocks I'm not looking forward to. On the chart it looks like all different colours dotted around everywhere. I don't think I will get onto that before my holiday but you never know.

I watched two more Doctor Who DVD's. The first one was "The Pyramids of Mars". As a child this storyline was more my sister's favourite than mine (this was when she actually admitted she liked Dr Who). I think she just like the mummies in it. Me, I found the idea of Egyptian God's coming back to destroy the Earth terrifying. I also found Sara to be a bit of a wimp in this one which always annoyed me. Not so much now though. The next one is my all time favourite. "The Robots of Death" will always be number one in my list. I just loved those Robots (even if it is copying Asimov in a way). My sister and I used to walk around with our arms outstretched saying "Kill the humans." for weeks after watching this one.

Monday, August 16, 2004


Chapter two

I have finished chapter two and have uploaded it to fanfic. It was a little irritating because it took me 30 minutes to upload it. The site is going to be carrying out upgrades tomorrow but it must be affecting the system already as I had problems logging in never mind loading any chapters. It was similar problems to the last time. So if it happens again next week I'm going to email the managers. Not to worry for the moment though because it is done now. Not sure when I will get the next chapter up, hopefully next Monday again. It all depends on how much computer access I get this week.


Olympics Update 2

The UK is now slumped down to 16th place along with several other countries. China is now well in the lead with 5 gold medals and eight medals altogether. Australia is still not far behind with 4 gold medals and eight altogether. I tried to get a list of the gold medals each country won but for some strange reason the BBC website weren't listing them. I do know that China's first gold medal was for women's air rifle.

Canoeing has been cancelled today because of winds due to tropical storms. We also have men's gymnastics to look forward to today.

Sunday, August 15, 2004


Calculating God by Robert Sawyer

This was this months book for the discussion group. I have to say that I very much enjoyed it although I had my doubts at first. It was about a group of aliens visiting earth and working with a paleontologist. They discover that their worlds have corresponding extinction dates. Hollus (the alien) puts it down to God and is shocked to discover that Tom (the paleontologist) doesn't believe this.

I was a little weary about God being scientifically proven to exist. Although I was intrigued by the fact that Hollus and his people didn't worship God. They saw God as an intelligence. A being that created life for its own purpose. However, if it was me I would be like Tom and would still need what he calls a 'smoking gun'.

As I neared the end of the book I thought that it was basically about a dying man and his decision about whether or not to accept God into what life he had left. The God the aliens proposed existed was one that maybe he could accept but only if he had evidence of it.

There was more to it than that though. It was also about nature and how all creatures instinctively procreate to survive. I liked the humour in the book and I was impressed by the amount of research the author must have done. One thing that did disappoint me was that it didn't go back to Earth in the end but I guess that wasn't the point of the book. That would have been another story altogether. It was an interesting read and I would highly recommend it.

One last thing I would like to mention. Being a Star Trek fan one of the things I did like about the book was the references to various Star Trek episodes.



I know sports isn't really my thing but I have decided that I am going to try and keep up to date with the Olympics. I probably won't be able to watch any of it but thanks to the internet I can certainly keep informed.

So far both China and Australia are in the lead with six medals each. China has four gold and Australia has two gold. Britain is lagging behind with only one medal. Peter Waterfield and Leon Taylor both one silver for men's synchronized 10m platform.

Saturday, August 14, 2004


Birthday Card

A friend from work is turning 21 soon. Unfortunately I will be on holiday so last night I made a card for her which I am going to put in her mail box before I leave. I will get her a little gift too. It has to be something funny as I think she would appreciate that more. I have no idea what to get.

Just want to thank Kame for my first comment on my blog. I have been working on a redraft of chapter two of my Doctor who story so hopefully it won't be too long before I upload it to the fanfic site. I think Monday as I mentioned before but Tuesday at the latest.

I was watching the Olympics opening last night. I missed the start of it but sat through the rest for the first time. When Canada came through I thought of my Canadian pen pal and wondered if she was watching this too. When Britain came through it was a bit of a let down. Our numbers seemed to be so small and the only people the commentator mentioned was the flag bearer and Tim Henman. Very disappointing! As a rule I don't pay attention to sports. I'm not a fan although there are a few things such as Tennis that I do enjoy watching but don't follow. I probably won't pay much attention to the Olympics after this so I am probably being a hypocrite for being disappointed.

Friday, August 13, 2004


Just a little update

I finally have the link to chapter 1 of my story. I even have my first review and it was a very nice one. The reviewer said that the first chapter was a promising start. Did point out a spelling mistake which I hope to change soon. I plan on working on the next chapter over the weekend and have it posted by Monday or Tuesday. I love getting reviews! I just like to know that people are actually reading it. I also like to know where I could make improvements for the following chapter.

I have been to the cinema a few time. I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 which was interesting. A bit of an eye opener. A lot of what was said was in Moore's books but because there are images along with this it really brings it home. I also went to see 13 going on 30. Very much a teen chick flick but I enjoyed it. I went with my sister and we both found it very funny. Yes it is just a female version of Big but I don't see what is so wrong about taking a female spin on what was a great film.

Watched a few doctor Who DVD's too. I watched another third Doctor storyline called Carnival of Monsters. Not one of my favourites at all. Another one with Jo who was not a favourite companion of mine (as much as she has a huge fan base I just find her a little irritating). This one the Doctor and Jo get stuck inside a machine which holds creatures from lots of planets, used for entertainment purposes. I thought the storyline in this one was a little weak compared to others. The next Doctor Who is "The Green Death" as I watched it not that long ago I decided to skip it. So I next watched "The Ark in Space" which is another favourite. This one involves my favourite Doctor played by Tom Baker. His companions were Harry and Sara who end up on a space station which holds all that is left of the human race. They are all cryogenically frozen, to be awakened when the solar flares are over. Instead the oversleep and the Doctor has to save them from an alien invasion who are going to use their bodies to grow their young. This was also one of the scary ones when I was little.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


It wasn't me

I managed to get that first chapter uploaded which means it wasn't my fault. It must have been just the system that was down. Yeah! I will post a link to it when it appears under the listing (this can take a while).

I have been crabby all day. Just felt like everything was going wrong and everyone was annoying me. I think I just didn't get enough sleep. I don't think I took it out on anyone though.

I did a little stitching this morning. I don't have a picture update for you but I am now moving away from the green. I was getting very bored with those green colours so I am glad I am just about finished with them. The colours I am using now are blues.

I also did some reading. I am going a little more slowly with Absolution Gap but it is very good. It is a little like the others in the series in that there is a new character which obviously has an important part to play but you just don't know what it is yet. This particular character is in the future and she is in some way linked to another one from the past. I am trying to puzzle out what the link is going to be but I know that it will not be anything I imagine it to be.


Still frustrated

I can now log in but it won't allow me to download my file. Every time I try it gives me an error message. I've checked the list of possible problems it gave me and none of them could be attributed to my file. Fanfic does say that they are having problems with it. They said it is unstable but should work. I'm going to give it to the end of the week. If it is still not working then it must be something I did wrong and I will email them.

I just feel so annoyed. I think I will go away and make something. It might make me feel better.

Monday, August 09, 2004



So I messed about with my first chapter again. Became pretty happy with the changes I made. It is a lot longer but I like the added detail. I am particularly pleased with the first chapter. I typed it all up and looked over it again. Still happy with the end result I went to fanfiction and its not working. It will let me view other peoples work but it won't let me log in so that I can download the first chapter. It is so frustrating when I am so excited about it.

I think I will just go to bed and read for a little while. Hopefully I will be able to download it tomorrow.



I decided that I didn't like the redraft of the first chapter and have started to redraft it again. I'm glad I decided to because when I sat down to it last night I realised I had so much more to add. So I have deleted it from Fanfiction and I hope to have the new one posted for the weekend.

Other than that I have letters to catch up on and I'm away to do that just now.

Saturday, August 07, 2004



I have changed the title of the Doctor Who story from Aftermath to Rebuilding. I was pretty tired last night when I posted the first chapter and now I wish I had left it a little longer. I think there are lot more changes I would have made had I not been so exhausted. I am going to look it over again tonight and I may repost it. In the meantime here is a link to my first chapter of Rebuilding (can't say I am all that chuffed with the title either).

I don't know where my head has been this last week. I have been able to do some writing just before work but when I get home I am so tired I just kind of zonk out in front of the TV or the computer. When I finally move myself to pick up my book I fall asleep. I then wake up again, have trouble sleeping and the same things happen again the next day. I'm off tomorrow and my sister is working during the day. So I am going to have a nice relaxing day sitting at the table catching up with all the things I had wanted to do during the week. Hopefully I am going to the cinema tomorrow night. That sounds like a good plan.

Friday, August 06, 2004



My Doctor Who story finally has a title and chapter one is now on fanfiction.net. I am currently working on chapter eight and I only have a few more chapters to go before I finish. The chapters are quite short but I don't really mind that for the moment.

Nothing much else to tell. I'm very tired as I haven't been sleeping. So I am going to go for a long hot bath, read some of my book and then go to my bed.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Cross stitch, The Three Doctors and writing

Not much to say on the cross stitch front. I have finished another shade of the dragon and it is starting to fill out. It won't be much longer before I finish the dragon and move onto the rocks at the base of the castle. Then it is onto the dreaded back stitch. I don't usually mind back stitch but there is a lot of it in this one.

I watched yet another Doctor Who yesterday, The Three Doctors. This one sees the debut of Omega, a celebrated timelord who gave the timelords the energy they needed to control timetravel. Believed to have been killed in the process he was left trapped in an anti-matter universe. He decides to capture the Doctor so that he can leave and have his revenge on the timelords for abandoning. The timelords unable to help the Doctor send him to of his previous selves to help (hence the Three Doctors). I like this one simply because of the reappearance of Patrick Troughton as the second Doctor. He plays the comedy role very well in this one.

And speaking of Doctor who, I wrote another chapter in my story. It is coming along quite well and I think, since I will get some peace this week with just my sister and I at home, I will get quite a bit done this week.

On the book side of things I am getting along very well with Absolution Gap. I am remembering more and more as I read along. I had to read my book reviews of the first two to remember some of the details. I can't believe my memory is so bad even though I loved those books. Anyway, I was bad and bought another one today. This one is a little different as it is a book of poems by Tim Burton called "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy." It's such a funny book with lots of lovely illustrations. A must have for anyone's library.



Went to the cinema to see the Thunderbirds last night. I should point out that the Thunderbirds was never a favourite of mine. Out of the puppetry that Gerry Anderson created Captain Scarlet and Stingray were my favourites. However, the movie was good. It was very much a kids adventure movie but still a lot in it for the adults to enjoy. There is also enough in it to keep the fans happy too. I don't think I would buy it on DVD or anything because it is too much of a kids movie but I would go back to see another one should they make it. I did find myself recognising characters I completely forgot all about (like Tin Tin). Well worth going to see.

Monday, August 02, 2004


DVD's and Alastair Reynolds

Yesterday I watched the next Doctor Who, "Spearhead from Space". Not a favourite this time but still one I enjoy. It is the first one with Jon Pertwee as the Doctor and the first one to be shown in colour. The Doctor ends up stranded on Earth as punishment from the timelords. He has no choice but to help Unit in exchange for a lab and facilities to help repair the TARDIS along with the help of his new companion Liz Shaw. Together they defeat an invasion of the Nestines who use plastic mannequins that they call autons to take over the world. This is also the first one with the Nestines who appeared in another Jon Pertwee story. I don't like the beginning of this one, too much running about to find out if the Doctor really is the Doctor. Once it gets past that it really is very good. The new Doctor Who is being filmed just now and funnily enough the bad guys in this one are again the Nestines. There is also a new Doctor Who book being released starring the Nestines. So they are very popular just now.

I was very bad last week and bought season one of UFO on DVD. It was on sale otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. My dad had said not to get season one as it isn't very good (I already have season 2). After the first episode I was about to agree with him. However, now that I have almost finished them I have very much enjoyed them. I love the whole 60's feel of the show and most of the storylines have been very good. Some have even surprised me. Only one thing though. I sometimes get the feeling that they aren't in the correct order. Just little things make me think that. It's hard to explain without explaining every detail but I really do hope I am just imagining it.

I have finished reading "Great Expectations" and as I said before it is now one of my favourite Dickens novels. Although it did seem as though I had read passages of it before after the halfway point it stopped feeling like that. I don't think that I started the book and then forgot all about it because I only bought my copy a few months ago and my parents don't have a copy of this one either. A friend mentioned that sometimes a lot of Dickens characters can be very similar across his books and I think that is probably what it is.

I am now reading "Absolution Gap" by Alastair Reynolds, the third book in the trilogy about the inhibitors. I bought this book before Christmas and it was months before that since I read the first two. I am ashamed to say that while I remember the main storyline I am going to have to go back and read my notes to try and remember most details. I am sure most will come back to me as I am reading but little things are niggling at me. So far I have only just finished the prologue so not much to tell.

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