Saturday, August 21, 2004



I am not completely obsessed by the Olympics. I didn't watch it last night and I had intended on doing some reading. However, after going over some French I fell asleep.

I am very excited about my holiday now. Just a week and a half to go. Next week I collect my currency and then I am going to do some clothes shopping. I have been constantly changing my mind about what book I am taking with me. I still haven't completely decided. I am stuck between "The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear" by Walter Moers or taking a few books but a lot smaller. This is more for on the plane and I may be more comfortable with a smaller book. I don't know, I have changed my mind about half a dozen times now and I will probably change my mind again up until I leave. I am tempted to wait until I get to the airport and buy something new but I have such a large pile of books to read I probably shouldn't.

I am still reading "Absolution Gap" by Alastair Reynolds. Very much enjoying it but this past week I haven't managed to read much of it because I have been so tired when I get home. I was reading "Arthur Rex" by Thomas Berger in work but to be honest I just found it to be a little crude. The writing is very simple and the style isn't to my taste at all. It is difficult to get to know the characters because not much time is spent on them. I have decided to give up on it at the moment (as much as I hate doing that). I will go back to it when I am more in the mood to read it.

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