Saturday, August 28, 2004



I finished reading another Douglas Coupland book. This one was called "Shampoo Planet" which I very much enjoyed. It has the same style to all his other books. It seems his books deal with stereotypes but he develops the characters so that they eventually become non stereotypical. I loaned "All Families Are Psychotic" to my boyfriend and he hated it. He said that he could see why people would enjoy it but it was too much like "Catcher in the Rye" (a book we both hate). He said the story didn't seem to go anywhere. How can anyone not like his books? I can see where he is coming from though and Coupland has been described as a modern day JD Salinger. But still, I fall in love with his characters which is why I enjoy his books so much. He has a new book out "Eleanor Rigby" which I am tempted to buy in the hardback. I might wait and get it in America.

I am now reading "Shadowmancer" by GP Taylor and I am not impressed by it at all. I knew that it would have some religion in it but it is to 'in your face'. There was an Adam and Eve mention in it and it almost made me put the book down. I think the religion almost takes over the story and destroys what was actually a brilliant idea with a lot of potential. A lot of friends in work were put off by the same things too. I find it hard to see why it is so popular when the Narnia books are heavily criticised for it's Christian content. I will persevere with it though as it is a quick read. I will probably still read "Wormwood" by the same author as I have heard that it is very good. I also treated myself to a new book called "Dragon Rider" by Cornelia Funke. I fell in love the book when I saw it. It has a beautiful cover and in the centre there is a pop up map.

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