Tuesday, August 17, 2004


The Castle

I have a stitching update for you. I have actually did a lot more since then. I spent most of yesterday stitching. I have now finished most of the blues and have moved onto a sort of purple colour. Once I have finished that I think I am then onto yellows. It then won't be long until I will have finished the dragon and so move onto the rocks. The rocks I'm not looking forward to. On the chart it looks like all different colours dotted around everywhere. I don't think I will get onto that before my holiday but you never know.

I watched two more Doctor Who DVD's. The first one was "The Pyramids of Mars". As a child this storyline was more my sister's favourite than mine (this was when she actually admitted she liked Dr Who). I think she just like the mummies in it. Me, I found the idea of Egyptian God's coming back to destroy the Earth terrifying. I also found Sara to be a bit of a wimp in this one which always annoyed me. Not so much now though. The next one is my all time favourite. "The Robots of Death" will always be number one in my list. I just loved those Robots (even if it is copying Asimov in a way). My sister and I used to walk around with our arms outstretched saying "Kill the humans." for weeks after watching this one.

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