Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Cross stitch, The Three Doctors and writing

Not much to say on the cross stitch front. I have finished another shade of the dragon and it is starting to fill out. It won't be much longer before I finish the dragon and move onto the rocks at the base of the castle. Then it is onto the dreaded back stitch. I don't usually mind back stitch but there is a lot of it in this one.

I watched yet another Doctor Who yesterday, The Three Doctors. This one sees the debut of Omega, a celebrated timelord who gave the timelords the energy they needed to control timetravel. Believed to have been killed in the process he was left trapped in an anti-matter universe. He decides to capture the Doctor so that he can leave and have his revenge on the timelords for abandoning. The timelords unable to help the Doctor send him to of his previous selves to help (hence the Three Doctors). I like this one simply because of the reappearance of Patrick Troughton as the second Doctor. He plays the comedy role very well in this one.

And speaking of Doctor who, I wrote another chapter in my story. It is coming along quite well and I think, since I will get some peace this week with just my sister and I at home, I will get quite a bit done this week.

On the book side of things I am getting along very well with Absolution Gap. I am remembering more and more as I read along. I had to read my book reviews of the first two to remember some of the details. I can't believe my memory is so bad even though I loved those books. Anyway, I was bad and bought another one today. This one is a little different as it is a book of poems by Tim Burton called "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy." It's such a funny book with lots of lovely illustrations. A must have for anyone's library.

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