Monday, August 02, 2004


DVD's and Alastair Reynolds

Yesterday I watched the next Doctor Who, "Spearhead from Space". Not a favourite this time but still one I enjoy. It is the first one with Jon Pertwee as the Doctor and the first one to be shown in colour. The Doctor ends up stranded on Earth as punishment from the timelords. He has no choice but to help Unit in exchange for a lab and facilities to help repair the TARDIS along with the help of his new companion Liz Shaw. Together they defeat an invasion of the Nestines who use plastic mannequins that they call autons to take over the world. This is also the first one with the Nestines who appeared in another Jon Pertwee story. I don't like the beginning of this one, too much running about to find out if the Doctor really is the Doctor. Once it gets past that it really is very good. The new Doctor Who is being filmed just now and funnily enough the bad guys in this one are again the Nestines. There is also a new Doctor Who book being released starring the Nestines. So they are very popular just now.

I was very bad last week and bought season one of UFO on DVD. It was on sale otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. My dad had said not to get season one as it isn't very good (I already have season 2). After the first episode I was about to agree with him. However, now that I have almost finished them I have very much enjoyed them. I love the whole 60's feel of the show and most of the storylines have been very good. Some have even surprised me. Only one thing though. I sometimes get the feeling that they aren't in the correct order. Just little things make me think that. It's hard to explain without explaining every detail but I really do hope I am just imagining it.

I have finished reading "Great Expectations" and as I said before it is now one of my favourite Dickens novels. Although it did seem as though I had read passages of it before after the halfway point it stopped feeling like that. I don't think that I started the book and then forgot all about it because I only bought my copy a few months ago and my parents don't have a copy of this one either. A friend mentioned that sometimes a lot of Dickens characters can be very similar across his books and I think that is probably what it is.

I am now reading "Absolution Gap" by Alastair Reynolds, the third book in the trilogy about the inhibitors. I bought this book before Christmas and it was months before that since I read the first two. I am ashamed to say that while I remember the main storyline I am going to have to go back and read my notes to try and remember most details. I am sure most will come back to me as I am reading but little things are niggling at me. So far I have only just finished the prologue so not much to tell.

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