Wednesday, August 18, 2004



So much time has passed since I said I would get back into studying French in the hopes that I wouldn't be too rusty when I started my course. My excuse was that I was waiting until my shifts were supposed to change to earlier times. That way I could spend some time before dinner studying. I'm still waiting and it might be a long wait. A friend encouraged me to get back into it again. She has started languages herself and recommended a French book from America. It is more like a proper exercise book than some of the other ones I have. It's very basic but maybe that's what I need to get me back into it again. It also has flash cards amongst other things which makes it more appealing for a beginner. I started with it this morning. I do find it a little simple but I enjoy working with it. It shouldn't take me too long to get through it and then I can move onto my other books.

I got another review for my Rebuilding. From the same person as last time but this time for chapter 2. The points she made have been quite helpful and have actually given me some ideas. There is a phrase I used that might be known more locally than I thought and so I'm going to expand the scene to make it more easily understood.

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