Friday, August 20, 2004


Gymnastics and swimming

This isn't a proper Olympics update but will give one later on. Last night after work I sat and watched quite a bit of it. I watched some of the swimming and the women's individual all round event in gymnastics. First of all the swimming. Michael Phelps definitely seems to be the star. He won more gold medals yesterday. I saw him win one race and I was amazed. The way he moved through the water was a sight to see. The commentator said he was like a machine and he wasn't exaggerating. The US must be so proud of him. Actually the US did very well yesterday and I'm not surprised that they moved to the top of the leader board yesterday. One of their gold winning swimmers lost his gold medal for about 15 minutes for an illegal move but it wasn't given back to him. If it hadn't one of our own swimmers would have won bronze. One of the commentators would not stop going on about it and it was starting to get a little irritating. Who would want to win a medal because someone was disqualified? The whole point of the Olympics is that you win on your own merits.

I loved watching the gymnastics. The favourite to win was the Russian entry, Svetlana. This was to be her last Olympic competition and she had yet to win gold. Everyone was hoping that she would go away with it. Instead she got silver and the US entry, Carly Patterson, was given gold. I thought it was well deserved. Svetlana was good but Carly astounded me. I was routing for her to win after the competition passed the half way mark. The British competitors weren't up to much at all. I wasn't impressed by them (not that I'm an expert). Britain did win one gold (although it isn't listed on the medals list yet). We won it for sailing but I'll have more details of that later hopefully.

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