Tuesday, August 10, 2004


It wasn't me

I managed to get that first chapter uploaded which means it wasn't my fault. It must have been just the system that was down. Yeah! I will post a link to it when it appears under the listing (this can take a while).

I have been crabby all day. Just felt like everything was going wrong and everyone was annoying me. I think I just didn't get enough sleep. I don't think I took it out on anyone though.

I did a little stitching this morning. I don't have a picture update for you but I am now moving away from the green. I was getting very bored with those green colours so I am glad I am just about finished with them. The colours I am using now are blues.

I also did some reading. I am going a little more slowly with Absolution Gap but it is very good. It is a little like the others in the series in that there is a new character which obviously has an important part to play but you just don't know what it is yet. This particular character is in the future and she is in some way linked to another one from the past. I am trying to puzzle out what the link is going to be but I know that it will not be anything I imagine it to be.

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