Friday, August 13, 2004


Just a little update

I finally have the link to chapter 1 of my story. I even have my first review and it was a very nice one. The reviewer said that the first chapter was a promising start. Did point out a spelling mistake which I hope to change soon. I plan on working on the next chapter over the weekend and have it posted by Monday or Tuesday. I love getting reviews! I just like to know that people are actually reading it. I also like to know where I could make improvements for the following chapter.

I have been to the cinema a few time. I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 which was interesting. A bit of an eye opener. A lot of what was said was in Moore's books but because there are images along with this it really brings it home. I also went to see 13 going on 30. Very much a teen chick flick but I enjoyed it. I went with my sister and we both found it very funny. Yes it is just a female version of Big but I don't see what is so wrong about taking a female spin on what was a great film.

Watched a few doctor Who DVD's too. I watched another third Doctor storyline called Carnival of Monsters. Not one of my favourites at all. Another one with Jo who was not a favourite companion of mine (as much as she has a huge fan base I just find her a little irritating). This one the Doctor and Jo get stuck inside a machine which holds creatures from lots of planets, used for entertainment purposes. I thought the storyline in this one was a little weak compared to others. The next Doctor Who is "The Green Death" as I watched it not that long ago I decided to skip it. So I next watched "The Ark in Space" which is another favourite. This one involves my favourite Doctor played by Tom Baker. His companions were Harry and Sara who end up on a space station which holds all that is left of the human race. They are all cryogenically frozen, to be awakened when the solar flares are over. Instead the oversleep and the Doctor has to save them from an alien invasion who are going to use their bodies to grow their young. This was also one of the scary ones when I was little.

Yeah! Alright! You're going to post the next chp!

I'm the one who commented on your fic. I tend to read about the people who make the fics I find interesting.


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