Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Olympics Update 3

I think I will now get my information from the official Athens 2004 site. To get updates on who won which medals you just click on the link to the medals board. You can then click on each country on the board to find out what they won the medals for and the names of the people who won them. I'm a little disappointed that the BBC don't do this. It's usually a brilliant website. But then there have been talks of cutting it down to the basics because the government feels too much money is spent on it.

China has now won a total of 15 medals, 10 of which are gold. They have mostly won it for shooting, weightlifting and diving. They have also won two medals for women's Judo. Australia have won 13 medals in total, 6 of which are gold and they have mostly been for swimming and diving. The US are doing well too. They are joint second with Australia if you go by the number of medals they have won. They only have four gold though and most of their medals were won for swimming. Great Britain? Well, we haven't won anymore and we are now down at 19.

It shouldn't really surprise me that we aren't doing too well. Our team isn't that big and we do have a problem when it comes to encouraging kids to go out and do sports. I think most people see sports as something to watch. I know a lot of people who will go out and play football maybe once a week. I know very few people who take up other sports for the fun of it and I don't know anyone who will take up sports seriously (other than football). I can't talk. Although I have taken an interest in seeing how the Olympics are going I'm not a sports person. I have taken up a few sports in the past but have always given them up. Don't get me wrong I'm not talented when it comes to that and I would never make for an Olympic champion. But I can hardly criticise others for what I don't do myself.

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