Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Olympics update 4

Great Britain has won another medal. Yes it's not gold but bronze. I don't care though, they won another medal. Stephen Parry won it in Swimming for the 200m Butterfly. We are down in position to 24 now though. This is because a number of countries won their first gold medals. Congratulations to Romania who won two Gold medals for women's gymnastics and the women's 200m freestyle. Congrats to United Arab Emirates who won gold for Men's doubles in shooting, Switzerland who won gold for Men's individual fencing and South Africa who won gold in swimming for the men's 2 x 2oom freestyle.

There has been some movement at the top of the board too. China remains on top with 18 medals. Yesterday she won 2 silver medals and 1 bronze (for fencing and shooting). The US is now a definite second after winning 3 gold medals. They won it for fencing and swimming. They won 2 silver for gymnastics and swimming and a bronze for fencing. The US has a swimming star in Michael Phelps who has won them three medals so far (two gold and one bronze). Although Australia has moved down one place she did win one medal, a silver for swimming. Japan also won two medals, a gold for Judo and a silver for swimming.

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