Thursday, August 19, 2004


Olympics Update 5

Great Britain has won four more medels, 1 silver and 3 bronze. Leselie Law won the silver for Equestrian indivual event. Alison Williamson won a bronze for women's individual archery. Helen Reeves won one for the canoe/kayak slalom, women's K1 Kayak single event. Lastly another bronze was won for the Equestrian team event. I watched a little of the events yesterday. Admittidly I didn't see any of those won by Britain but after watching it I think Britain did well just to win a bronze. The competitions looks so tough that winning any medal is a triumph. I think that Britain should be proud of everyone out there.

China is still at the top of the table but only for the number of gold medals won. If it was to go by number of medals in total the US would be at the top. China won a silver and two bronze for swimming, Judo and shooting. The US won 4 gold medals. I saw the womens team win it for the 4 X 200m freestyle relay and they were amazing. I loved the way everyone moved through the water. I think if I had a fraction of the talent that was out there I would be in the water all the time. They also won gold for shooting, cycling and gymnastics. They won another three silver and three bronze for Athletics (mens put), cycling, K1 Kayak, mens 200m breaststroke, Equastrian and cycling road. Japan moved up to third place after winning two gold in Judo, a silver in Judo and a bronze for womens 200m butterfly. Although australia moved down a place they did win a silver for the womens 200m butterfly and a gold for mens 100m freestyle.

The following countries won their first gold medals, Georgia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland and the Netherlands (who actually won their first two). This meant that the Uk moved down to position 24 but that's okay. Britain are still doing well with 6 medals. Hopefully they will win a few today and I'm sure they will win a gold eventually.

I apologise for my spelling which is atrocious but the spell check isn't working.

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