Saturday, August 21, 2004


Olympics Update 6

I am calming down on the amount of information I'm giving on this now.

The US are now at the top of the board with 40 medals in total, 17 of which are gold. Michael Phelps won his fifth gold and is up for a possible sixth today. As I said before I think this guy is amazingly talented. Watching him swim is unbelievable. The US must be very proud of him. China has moved down to second position with a total of 36 medals of which 15 are gold. Japan are also doing well with 12 gold medals.

As I said before Britain won its first gold for women's sailing. It is still not listed but maybe they haven't had their awards ceremony yet which is why it isn't listed. I certainly haven't seen any photos of them receiving their medals although them winning gold has been mentioned a few times. Also as I mentioned Chris Hoy won gold for cycling in the 1 km time trial. He is from Edinburgh and began his training at the age of 18. This seems like such a late age compared to most other sports. So it just goes to show lots of teenagers out there that it is never too late. We also won a silver for mixed Badminton doubles, men's K1 Canoe Kayak Slalom and Women's coxless pair rowing. Britain now have a total of 11 medals. I think Britain can be proud of our Olympics team. They have done very well and there is still a lot to go.

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