Monday, August 23, 2004


Olympics Update 7

Britain is still the same since yesterday although has moved down to 12th position. Yesterday it was the women's marathon and Britain's Paula Radcliffe was the favourite to win it. However, she collapsed due to heat and had to be taken to a medical facility. According to the BBC website this isn't really surprising since northern Europeans aren't used to those conditions. Radcliffe is reported to be devastated. She worked so hard for this and now she feels as though she has failed. I'm sure many others like myself don't see it that way. If the reports are true then she did well to get where she was. August is one of the hottest times in Greece and she was pushing herself very hard. I watched some of it yesterday and it looked to me that everyone was suffering.

China had won another two gold medals and so has moved up to first position again.

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