Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Olympics Update 8

Kelly Homes won Britain a gold medal for the 800m race. You should see the pictures of her as she realises she has won. Someone told her at the sides that she had won but then she wasn't too sure and was waiting for the replay. Everyone is so proud of her. She is going to take part in the 1500m today so we all have our fingers crossed. Dean Macey is taking part in the declathon and at the moment he is in fourth position. I watched him doing the high jump yesterday and I was in awe. This guy managed a jump that he had only done twice before and gave him 30 points. He also won the following race. You never know he might win us another medal today but if he doesn't he did very well. Britain are still in 10th place on the board with 7 gold medals and a total of 22.

The US and China are still doing amazingly well. They both have 23 gold medals. The Us has a total of 66 and China has a total of 50. The boyfriend and I were talking about this. He thinks that it is the British attitude to holding back that prevents us from getting any more medals. He might be right about that but he also doesn't see the point of getting a silver or a bronze. I pointed out that the Olympics were originally never about which country can get the most medals. It was about beating your personal best. About improving yourself. I think like many people he still thinks that it is just about winning the gold. Don't get me wrong I'm as proud as everyone else when Britain takes a gold but winning a silver or a bronze is also an achievement.

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