Friday, August 20, 2004


Other than the Olympics what have I been up to?

That sounds almost as if I have been in the Olympics, but alas I am in no way sports talented. I have been reading a children's book on the Olympics called "The Flaming Olympics". I would have finished it in one sitting but I was pretty tired last night. It is good though. It explains the history of the Olympics with a lot of funny and interesting facts. I would recommend it for any kid who has shown an interest or any adult who wants to read something very lighthearted on it.

I have also been studying my French. I've been doing my that the suggested ten minutes a day. Hopefully I'll keep this up. I'm sure I will as I very much like this book. When I move on to my other books I think I will be on a roll so will want to keep on at it. I think also with the other books they do have more vocabulary so I will be kept interested. My only concern is the break when I'm on holiday. I don't fancy taking the book with me (I don't think the boyfriend will be too pleased). I just half to be will powered and get back on it as soon as I come back. I am enjoying it though.

I watched another two Doctor Who stories. "The Talons of Weng-Chiang" and "The Leisure Hive". The first one was one of the first videos of the show my parents bought. I remember it terrified me as a kid. It was just the idea of a Chinese God draining women of their energy force to live. There was also a giant rat involved which scared the wits out of me. Still it is one of the best and I think would be in my top ten. I always found it quite funny because of Leela's reaction to humans of this era. The second one is the last Tom Baker DVD I own and the only one with Romana as a companion. I always liked Romana since as a fellow Timelord she was one of the intelligent ones. Not a favourite storyline though. The megalomaniac in this one has been in quite a few British tv shows since. Every time I watch this I always have the theme tune to the comedy show "The Thin Blue Line" running through my head. I keep expecting the character to do something funny.

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