Monday, August 30, 2004


The Village

We went to see this last night and it was good. Another brilliant film by M Night Shyamalan. I think the twist in this one was a little obvious though. I kind of guessed most of it half way through the film as did my boyfriend. I think we can thank one of his friends girlfriends for that who told gave away part of it. Very annoying! But hey, maybe we would have got it anyway without the extra help. It wasn't his best film I think my favourite is still "Signs". I also don't think it was very original. The storyline seemed so familiar to me but I just can't place it. I did like Joaquin Phoenix and I just wish there was more of him in it. The actress who played the blind girl was very good though. Like his other films it does have some subtle humour. I would definitely recommend it.

I thought that the rommance between the two main characters was very well depicted, didn't you? It seemed so pure...
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