Sunday, August 22, 2004


Writing Update

Chapter three of rebuilding needs more work than I thought. I have more ideas for it so it will take longer to get it onto fanfic than I initially planned. I am hoping to have it uploaded by Tuesday but it might be Thursday before it happens. I'm going to the cinema tonight otherwise I would spend more time on it today. I also hope to have chapter four updated by the following Tuesday but I can't guarantee that either. I leave for my holiday on the Wednesday and I'm working Tuesday. This means I'm going to have to fit in packing somewhere. I've also still do shopping and collect my currency. As usual I have left things to the last minute.

Anyway, I will attempt to have chapters three and four finished before I leave and then I will be back on track when I come back. I also have plans to write some more stories when I come back. I have some more Doctor Who ideas and a possible idea for a Blakes 7 story.

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