Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Actually got some stuff done.

Yesterday I actually got some of the things done that I planned to do. I even typed up chapter three of the Dr Who story and am ready to begin work on it. It will still be a while before I post this chapter as I want to make changes to chapters one and two. I will post them all at the same time just to make life a little easier and then I can begin work on chapter four.

What else did I do? Well, I updated my CV and filled in an application form for a promotion that I am going for. Don't think that I will get it but I am going to try anyway. I also registered for the French Open University course. I am only going to start with French. The reason for this is that the beginners Spanish starts in November and it is a little late to register. Instead I am going to leave that one until next November. It just means that I will be doing the course a little slower than I expected but there isn't a time frame in which you have to complete a degree.

I finished a Christmas card yesterday too. It is only a freebie from one of the magazines and so not worth photographing (a cute card though). I then started the next round robin design. I have left this one a little later than the others because of my holiday but I still have time to get it finished and then pass it on. This one has an angel theme. I chose a design from one of my books. The angel is flying through the air carrying a basket of animals. It's sweeter than it sounds. Later today I will fill out the little journal that we pass along with them and I should have the design finished by the end of the week.

Lastly I made a start on catching up with my penpals. Hopefully I will get another one today and then that's me more or less caught up with everything. Oh, I forgot to mention that I picked up my books again. I'm just studying the stuff I went over before the holiday and next week I will move onto the next part.

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