Saturday, September 25, 2004



One thing I have always loved is my filofax. The one I had was a mini and far too small. I think I bought it because it was cute. The last two years though I have been using diaries because I have wanted a new one but haven't seen one that I like. I finally saw one! A pink personal sized filofax. It was just a nice size and it was a nice shade of pink. I then saw the price and any thoughts of buying it completely left my head. Yesterday I was in WH Smiths and saw a nice black one. It's A5 and was half the price of the other one so I bought it. It's just plane black which makes it a little dull. I had thoughts of decorating the cover to brighten it up but changed my mind. Instead I bought a punch so that I can put my own note paper inside. I'm going to find some nice paper to decorate the inside. It's a sad life when you get excited over things like that but I'm happy.

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