Tuesday, September 21, 2004



I started stitching those Halloween cards for my nieces yesterday. They really are cute! I have to order some lime green day glow thread by Krennik. I didn't notice until I had began stitching them that the green used a special thread. Not to worry I will order it tomorrow rather than just replace it with normal thread. The day glow will make them more fun. I'm going to change the colours slightly so that I'm not giving my nieces the exact same card.

I love Halloween. I love the costumes and all the stuff you can buy at the shops. I love the Halloween cross stitch kits. I just wish that a bigger deal was made of it here. When we were in America there was actually a Halloween store filled with every kind of costume and all the bits and bobs to decorate your house. In the Disney store there was a huge Halloween selection. I bought my sister back a beanie Mickey dressed as a pumpkin but there was so much more. I could have went nuts and bought everything. My best friend mentioned yesterday that a few years ago the Disney store here had a villains line for Halloween. They had a selection of good with the Disney villains especially for Halloween. I'm sorry I missed it. Apparently though it sold very well but they still haven't brought it back in again since. I may take a gander nearer the time to see if they have anything.

Still, I think it is a shame that although we celebrate it we don't really go all out the way the Americans do. Maybe when I get my own place I can have Halloween parties and use it as an excuse to decorate the house, lol.

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