Tuesday, September 14, 2004



I have had lots of sleep and have caught up with everyone. My holiday was amazing! I loved every minute I was in San Francisco. I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going. We were there for almost two weeks and not a day went by when we didn't do something. So many people were surprised that we weren't touring California but how can you truly get to know a city if you only spend one or two days there? I suppose we could have taken those tram tours which would have covered everything but it wouldn't be the same as walking through it yourself. I don't understand this need to fit as many countries as possible in a short space of time. I like time to explore.

Anyway, as I said there wasn't a day we didn't do anything and we visited most of the normal tourist places. We toured alcatraz, we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, we took a tour of the Ball Park, we walked through China town, we walked around Golden Gate Park and we went shopping in union square. We also visited the zoo but didn't have time for the Castro or High-Ashbury. I regret not seeing those places. Of course that just gives us an excuse to go back again. When we walked over the Golden Gate Bridge we walked down to Sosalito which is a beautiful place. We also did a trip to Yosemite. That is another regret. Because there was so much traveling involved we were lucky if we spent more than 3 hours in the park. I think that next time we will make a point of bringing the right footwear and spend a few days so that we can go hiking and really see it properly.

We also sat in Versuvio which was the bar of choice by both Jack Kerouac and Ernst Hemingway. We then went next door to the famous "City Lights" book store which is a lovely place to browse (and of course we bought a few things).

I can't for a minute decide which was my favourite. I think if we had been able to spend more time in Yosemite it would have been that.

It's interesting that you say you went on holiday to San Francisco, since I live not 2hrs from there.

BTW, its Sausalito

Yeah, Yosemite is beautiful. I haven't been there since 1999 when we took our Austrian exchange student there.

Personally, I don't like the city. I get claustraphobic if I spend too much time there. I live in the valley (you had to go through it going to Yosemite). I'm sure you saw the orchards and fields, and things like that off the 580 and 120 going to Yosemite. We're primarily an agracultural region (though more recently, a lot of Bay Area people have turned us into a bedroom cities).

Oh, did you get to go to the Legion of Honor (classical art museum), Asian Art or the Modern Art museum? About 90% of the time I go to SF, it's to visit one of those places. The Asian Art museum is across the street from city hall (it used to be the library) and the Legion of Honor is near Golden Gate Park.

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