Saturday, September 18, 2004


Paralympics and West Wing

It was the opening ceremony of the paralympics (yes, I have finally learned how to spell it) and I missed it. The reason for this is that I watched the West Wing and then fell asleep.

West Wing Season 4 is finally being shown on terrestrial tv. The box set on DVD is out next month but never mind. Actually I found it difficult to pay attention to it. It was good to finally see an episode that I hadn't seen before with all my favourite characters but I was basically just trying my hardest to keep my eyes open. I can't even tell you if it is a good episode or not. It is part one though and part two is next week (unless of course good old channel four decides to play havock with the schedule like they usually do).

I will try to keep up with the paralympics though because I am interested in it. Britain did well in Sydney and came in second on the league table. From what I have been reading we are expecting to do just as well this time round.

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