Wednesday, September 29, 2004



I managed to do some shopping yesterday even though I was working. I bought a whole bunch of books. One for the boyfriend, one for my mum and a DVD to put away for my sister's Christmas (which I almost just gave to her). I also bought five books for myself (yes I know, I'm very good to myself). Four of them are the next quartet by Tamora Pierce and the last one is the new book by Douglas Coupland called "Eleanor Rigby".

I also bought some craft things. I bought a pad of different papers which I thought might come in handy for my card making and scrapbook. I also bought some Christmas stamps which I plan to try out on some cards tomorrow. And then I bought what I actually went in for white threat and cards to finish the Halloween cards.

I attached the Halloween designs to the cards last night and I'm pleased with the end results. I hope the little ones like them.

I am still reading the Eric Van Lustbader book but I am finding it difficult to get into. I don't have any notes on the first one after all. At the time I was starting a new job so I neglected writing up these things. I do remember quite a lot I'm just finding the story a little dull and slow paced. That and I want to get into the Douglas Coupland book. I'll keep going with it though, it might improve.

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