Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Stephen King

Yes, I'm a little obsessed right now but he was one of my first favourite authors in high school and one of the first authors I could actually talk about with my friends. Since I like browsing the net I thought surely there must be an official Stephen King website and sure enough there is. I decided to look up if it was true that the Dark Tower is his last book and discovered that it isn't. First of all he isn't going blind. He is more vulnerable to a disease which can cause blindness but has no symptoms so far. He may actually never lose his sight. So, he hasn't given up writing but is just writing more slowly.

I feel bad actually. I've told more than a few people that he is going blind and so the Dark Tower is going to be his last book. Oops! Glad he's not. I'm glad he isn't giving up writing either. I have enjoyed the Dark Tower series and would say that it is his best work yet. I am looking forward to see what else he produces.

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