Saturday, October 02, 2004


Another Card

This one is for my best friend so it is a little bit more special than the others. I found this design in a book while I was searching for an angel for the round robin. I fell in love with this and had to stitch it right away. It has actually been finished a little while now but I had to buy card to fit the design. I finally bought it yesterday as I forgot the last time I was in the craft store. In the same book there is a whole snow queen theme which I am going to take parts of to stitch as cards. Don't worry, these will be smaller cards so I won't post a photo every time I finish one.

I actually bought more Christmas stamps while I was in getting those cards. I made another paper card using them last night but I won't bore you with another photo. With the rest I am going to do group photos and post them before I send them away.

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